When I was a wee lad, I used to love honey roasted peanuts. I suspect that those delicious little guys had more corn syrup (not real honey) than peanut in each bite. Now, approximately 2 decades later, I enjoy the sugar-free, home roasted goodness of the Sally Fallon inspired soaked nuts, which my wife lovingly creates in our tiny condo’s kitchen. Well, I think enjoy may be overstating the feeling by a little, but some of the more well-toasted (technically called ‘nearly burnt’) are rather nice.

‘But why’, I imagine a totally moronic person might ask, ‘would your wife put nuts in water for 12 hours, and leave them in the oven on the lowest possible temperature overnight?’

Idiot. Hasn’t this man (only the male of the species could be so uninformed) ever read a book? Or, to be specific, hasn’t he read Nourishing Traditions?

Nourishing Traditions claims, on the back cover, to put the ‘Diet dictocrats’ on their head. Indeed it does, those fools never saw it coming. He he he. But after accomplishing this rout, a new set of diet rules has taken the wives of this country (perhaps world?) by storm.

My objective for you, my friend, is simple:  Help.  I mean it- help me make sense of this brand new world of food, with it’s quirky, old-fashioned cooking techniques, and join with me in the adventure of making the ‘truly healthy food’ our wives desire.

With this bold plan in place, let us eat.


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