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Moms need more work…

Across the country, moms are outraged because they are not allowed to do more work. In spite of what you may have seen on TV, it turns out that moms are in desperate need of more things to keep track of, and tasks to do. These articles illustrate my point:

The moms highlighted in the stories are literally incensed that the State is rudely telling them to ‘stop doing your job’. I mean, if cops rolled into my cubicle and told me ‘Stop! Don’t compile that program… or I’ll fine you $1.25!’, I’d probably just sit back in my chair and take it. ‘No officer, I’m not going to lift a finger today’ is about the most you’d get out of me.

But not these moms. Nope, being told to not make lunch for their kids simply won’t fly.

Although, if my kid had to choke down a greasy chicken nugget, that might be a different story…

You go moms!