The blogger who came in from the cold

No, this is not a 1960’s cold war movie, I just haven’t posted for a while. Ok, more like a year or so. I blame my lack of presence here on homework, housework, and the (very) occasional real work. But in fact, I just haven’t had a lot to talk about. My weekly menu has rotated about the various dishes already on this blog, and I still don’t eat greens in the winter. I could branch out to do more product reviews, but the truth is I prefer to help people make stuff on their own, not buy it at a store. So, dear reader, if there are any of you still listening and interested in/confused by any of the techniques for making traditional foods you have encountered, please reply to this post with a question about it. If it’s something I have done, I’ll try to answer, or if I’ve never seen it before we can explore together.


ps., please distract me from graduate Astrophysics. I think I like food more than studying.


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