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Moms need more work…

Across the country, moms are outraged because they are not allowed to do more work. In spite of what you may have seen on TV, it turns out that moms are in desperate need of more things to keep track of, and tasks to do. These articles illustrate my point:

The moms highlighted in the stories are literally incensed that the State is rudely telling them to ‘stop doing your job’. I mean, if cops rolled into my cubicle and told me ‘Stop! Don’t compile that program… or I’ll fine you $1.25!’, I’d probably just sit back in my chair and take it. ‘No officer, I’m not going to lift a finger today’ is about the most you’d get out of me.

But not these moms. Nope, being told to not make lunch for their kids simply won’t fly.

Although, if my kid had to choke down a greasy chicken nugget, that might be a different story…

You go moms!





Can the impending zombie apocalypse makes for good eating habits today?

   I’m surrounded by science geeks. I know this, because every once in a while I see a coworker wearing a lab coat. Of course, I probably don’t need the visual confirmation, since I have the pleasure of overhearing conversations in the lunch room that go like this:
  Normal person 1:    “Would you like one of my sodas?”
  Normal person 2:    “No, I stay away from caffeine. Sodas are not very good for you anyway.”
  Normal person 1:    “Yeah they might take years off your life, but I figure it’s best to live while you’re young.”
  Normal person 2:    “And there’s always the zombie apocalypse.” Normal person 2 is now Geek 2
  Normal person 1:    “That’s true, it could happen any day. How does not drinking soda help?” Normal person 1 = Geek 1.
  Geek 2:    “Well, the first 48 hours are critical. I want to be able to stay alert and awake, which will be a lot harder if my
  body is already used to caffeine. So, if I avoid caffeine for now, I’ll be in better shape when the zombies come.”
  Geek 1:    “Ah, that makes sense!”
   So, at least in this case, one positive outcome of the impending zombie apocalypse is good nutrition decisions. It remains to be seen if this kind of good sense will catch on, but we can always hope. Maybe I could start a rumor about soaked dried nuts being a good emergency food to have on hand…

The blogger who came in from the cold

No, this is not a 1960’s cold war movie, I just haven’t posted for a while. Ok, more like a year or so. I blame my lack of presence here on homework, housework, and the (very) occasional real work. But in fact, I just haven’t had a lot to talk about. My weekly menu has rotated about the various dishes already on this blog, and I still don’t eat greens in the winter. I could branch out to do more product reviews, but the truth is I prefer to help people make stuff on their own, not buy it at a store. So, dear reader, if there are any of you still listening and interested in/confused by any of the techniques for making traditional foods you have encountered, please reply to this post with a question about it. If it’s something I have done, I’ll try to answer, or if I’ve never seen it before we can explore together.


ps., please distract me from graduate Astrophysics. I think I like food more than studying.