Kimberly Hartke: My Husband Hearts Sally Fallon!

by Guest blogger, Kimberly Hartke

A well fed man, I’ve discovered, is a happy man. But a nourished man, well, he is a monster!

My husband is now deep into Sally Fallon territory, I have him reading the sidebars of Nourishing Traditions to me as I prepare breakfast. And, peering over my shoulder, while I cook, trying to learn NT techniques (in case I die, he explains).

He wants his granola soaked, his bread fermented for 7 days, and all his nuts crispy.

Only grassfed beef shall pass his lips, and he eats his sauerkraut RAW.

My husband embarrasses me in public by loudly saying things like, “We can’t possibly go out to a restaurant, there is nothing on the menu I can eat!”

Now that he knows that dining establishments use GMO soy oil in everything, we eat at home 24/7.

So much for date night.

When one of his brothers recently bemoaned “I forgot to buy crackers.” Monster dearest offered to make him some.

Caught on Camera: Hubbie Making Soaked Wheat Crispy Pancakes

His brother was flabbergasted. He sputtered, “You don’t have to make me crackers!”

In the beginning, when I first brought home raw milk, hubbie, with one eyebrow raised, watched me drink it for a week. When I didn’t keel over dead, he decided to try it.

Now, you can’t beat him off the milk bottle with a stick. He packs the stuff in a screw top water bottle, puts it in a cooler and takes it with him when he goes to his weekly brother’s breakfast.

We are now officially referred to by my in-laws as the ‘off the deep end health nuts’. Yeesh!

One weekend, when the dairy farm couldn’t deliver our farm fresh milk, he drove an hour each way to fetch it. Now, he swears if the food police take his raw milk away, he is going to put a cow in our back yard.

Yikes! I guess that means I’ll be the little milk maid (little does he know I am all thumbs when it comes to pulling on teats)!

Our conversation the other morning on the way home from the gym explains everything.

Hubbie: “You’ll have to soak some nuts today, and make raw milk yogurt. Then, go the store for organic oats to make more granola. And if we don’t have pumpkin seeds, maybe a trip to Trader Joes.”

Me: Groan.

It’s a terror, I tell you, living with a man having a ‘love affair’ with a cookbook author!

BIO:  Kimberly Hartke is the publicist for the Weston A. Price Foundation. She and her husband Keith really do enjoy eating healthy, together. Kimberly blogs about real food, raw milk and natural health at

The Nourishing Traditional Gentleman

Learn How Kimberly’s Husband Makes His Own Crackers:


18 responses to “Kimberly Hartke: My Husband Hearts Sally Fallon!

  • Sarah

    Sounds a lot like my house! I love it! 🙂

  • Crystal - Prenatal Coach

    Haha this is awesome. My husband is a convert too 🙂

  • Augie

    Awesome–I saw your tweeter. If I could get Annie to do the same–but she is in the kitchen a lot already. Nice theme!

  • Kimberly Hartke

    Thanks, you all! Living with him isn’t really this much of a pain, just thought I’d joke a little bit about what a total health nut he is!

    When he read this, his reaction was, “Well, its all TRUE!”


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  • Cara

    That’s great! Yup, my hubby was skeptical at first, and now we both agree that you can taste the chemicals when we eat out. Yuck!

  • Kelly the Kitchen Kop

    I’m very thankful for my husband who is totally on board, too. The best part is because he’s not bringing junk home like some of my friend’s husbands do, and even better, when the teenager complains, he tells him to knock it off and eat…or go hungry. It’s great being on the same page and I really feel for those who have a spouse who isn’t there yet. 🙂

    Love the blog, I’m subscribing!


  • Jeanmarie

    My boyfriend says to me at almost every meal: “We eat better than at the best restaurants.” Not because I’m a great cook — he has actually been doing a lot of the cooking lately — but because we buy great ingredients and prepare them with advice from Sally Fallon! I make kombucha, stock, crispy nuts and occasionally sauerkraut, and we have our own eggs and buy raw goat milk from a neighbor. We feel blessed.

  • Matt

    Wow, this is me! My wife will be relieved to know that someone else is going through what she has to everyday!

  • DiLynn Russell

    Love this post. My husband is not far behind yours. Mine doesn’t cook but he is very fussy about what goes in his mouth. My “honey” would drive miles if that’s what he would have to do to get his raw milk. I actually think its great as I want him around for a very long time!

  • Amari @ Eat Chic

    haha I got such a kick out of your post! I can totally relate! My boyfriend used to think I was totally nuts about my food, but he is slowly jumping on board. Glad to hear there is hope for the men out there!

  • Katy Burke

    This was great. I never write on blogs but this was worth the effort.

  • Kevin Gordon

    OMG…it’s like looking in a mirror, right down to the Saturday morning soaked pancakes!

    Honestly, I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel to find other ‘real food’ husbands who are ‘in love with the other woman’ (Sally, of course).

    Whenever I go to our local farmers’ market board meetings, of course I am the ‘token testosterone’ there…recently I started preaching the WAPF way at the meetings, and have even garnered a couple of converts (including the market president!), with more in the making…I keep hoping that it will catch on with some of the other husbands (and kids), since I definately think it makes for a stronger case when the whole family is behind it, and gives me some other guys to talk ‘manly’ about real food!

    My wife sent me this, since I think she can identify with having created a monster…some days I think she regrets getting me into it, especially when I’m in ‘activist’ mode. But probably like you guys, I know we’re a stronger family for it.

    FYI, this weekend my wife and I (and kids) will be helping with a ‘how to make sauerkraut’ demo at our market…the family that makes kraut together, stays together!

    Thanks for all that you BOTH do,

  • Mary

    This is great! I have the same type of monster in my house, lol! We even have our own dairy cow and drink her milk every day. I have to say, that we used to live in a subdivision, in a house by a golf course… We grew up that way, and it was all we knew. Our children are growing up in a different world though. Maybe we’ve managed to break the vicious cycle.

    I agree with Kevin, in the last comment, it makes a huge difference when the husband is involved.


  • SallyAnn

    Wow you ladies are very blessed. I live in a house with three men, my husband and our two sons, and none of them are on board with my new way of eating. Ugh! I have to force them to drink raw cows milk because that is all I buy. They just don’t get it no matter how hard I try to explain it. Maybe I am doing something wrong.
    Anyway, I can tell you ladies are enjoying your blessings.

    • soakednuts

      Hey SallyAnn,

      As a man, I really did have a hard time ‘getting on board’ with my wife’s way of eating. I mean, for me, it was a lot of change. I had the advantage of knowing her dietary guidelines before we got married, and even then it was tough. But… and yes, there is a but… I am mostly in line now. I think for me it was not an issue of understanding (I’m from a science background), but more a problem with agreeing with the conclusions. I ultimately chose harmony and support for my wife over my own misgivings. Once I figured out that raw milk was safe, I was pretty much ok with it. See my early post, but this problem was what I had wanted to write this blog about in the first place: How can us guys transition to our wives new diet plan?

      Best of luck to you SallyAnn, many wives over the centuries have had similar battles, I hope you win yours.


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